The Transport and Highways Subgroup

The Transport and Highways Subgroup is formed of Transport and Highways professionals who are active in the region. Their role has been to examine the development process relative to transport and highways issues and to work with The County Council to help bring about greater expediency, efficiency (cost and time) and transparency to the process from the conception of a scheme to its delivery.

Transport and highways matters are often cited as matters which will often take the longest to agree at prior to a submission and are then often complex in their role relative to delivery and adoption. These delays can be costly to developers and importantly can delay the occupancy of important commercial or residential development.

Therefore, the Transport Sub-group have attempted to break the process down into a number of transparent stages and to ensure that all decisions made are recorded and can withstand the inevitable evolution of personnel from both sides through the lifetime of a strategic project. The tool that has therefore been developed is termed a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The SLA is therefore a proposed way of working for major applications and, subject to its adoption by the authorities, would sit alongside any Planning Performance Agreement (PPA), would align itself with Transport Assessment Best Practice Guidelines and S278 and S38 processes. Using a ‘Tracker’ for each stage of the development process each party will understand what has been agreed, and where further work and focus is required to reach an agreed position.

A number of meetings and workshops have already been undertaken and we propose a further event in 2019 with a view to then agreeing the process for use on selected applications next year.