East West Rail

Date: Friday, 15th Feb 2019 | Category: General

New services, new stations

This section will link Bedford and Cambridge with a new line and new stations for the communities in between.

When this final section of East West Rail is completed in the mid 2020s, services will be able to run the complete length of the line between Oxford and Cambridge, serving all the stations along the way and connecting into several main line routes.

This work is supported by the government who re-stated its commitment to accelerate the delivery of the central section in the 2018 budget, announcing £20 million for the East West Railway Company to develop a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC).

Route option consultation: 28 January to 11 March 2019

Plans for the new rail line between Bedford and Cambridge are one step closer to fruition, with a six-week route option consultation now underway.

The new line will create a direct connection between Bedford and Cambridge, unlocking a wealth of benefits for communities along the route. It has the potential to reduce journey times and transport costs for thousands of people across the area, as well as supporting housing growth and boosting the local economy.

Please visit our consultation page here to find out more about the five route options. You can download all the consultation documents, find details of consultation events and fill out a detailed feedback form.

If you have any comments or questions about the consultation or East West Rail, please don’t hesitate to contact the team. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.  https://eastwestrail.co.uk/haveyoursay